CelluComp & its nanocellulose fibers: a potential €36 billion market

CelluComp is a material science company that produces sustainable materials made from nano cellulose fibres of root vegetables. CelluComp produces unique low cost, high-valued solutions for markets in excess of €36billion.

Its ambition is to provide sustainable, green and highly profitable solutions for the many products we make today. CelluComp uses nanocellulose fibres from waste streams of root vegetable as a composite or chemical product, called Curran® for several industries. Created by two Scottish Doctors, Curran® is a unique product with a novel process to produce it. Making Curran®  is less costly (less energy, fewer chemicals and less water) than making strands of nano-cellulose from wood. It is easier to extract cellulose from root vegetables compared to wood. Vegetables have no lignin but wood does. Lignin needs to be removed and is hard and expensive to take out. CelluComp products are greener and more environmentally friendly. Curran® is a significant product in the additives and composite businesses for various markets. As a powder or paste it will be an additive into the Paints & Coatings market, followed by concrete and drilling fluids. As a sheet, it will be used as a laminate to layer onto many consumer goods. In paints, Curran is an effective rheology modifier (thickener) and film enhancer (hardening, anti-cracking). Because it serves multiple functions, it will compete effectively with existing products on the market.

Curran®  has 4 huge market opportunities. Paints & Coatings, an addressable market of approximatively €10Bilion Concrete (non structural: mortars, roofing tiles and structural), an addressable market of approximatively €10Billion. Drilling & Fluids used as a viscosity modifier, an addressable market of approximatively €2Billion. Composites, an addressable market of approximatively €10Billion. Other markets include Cosmetics, paper, Food and Pharma.

Today, R&D is complete for initial products in paints and coatings and concrete. CelluComp is pre-revenue. Commercialization process started in paints. CelluComp is In discussion with several companies: AB Sugar, Cristal Union, Solvay/Rhodia, Croda.

The objective of CelluComp  is to build manufacturing opportunities worldwide and develop global partnerships, especially in China : a small 1000 tons plant in an initial phase, and a 10.000 tons plant in a roll-out phase.

Gilles Bouchard


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