Executive Business Accelerator is launched in Paris (6)

Executive Business Accelerator is launched in Paris

Created at the initiative of entrepreneur-investors from the Harvard Business School and Grandes Ecoles, Executive Business Accelerator embarks in Europe.

Immersion and dual flying

Their goal: reconversion and support for those who want to create their business, integrate or co-found a startup in a functional or operational post, consolidate or rearticulate the business model of their company, or secure acquisitions or spin-off startups within their company – essential issues, especially for those who must twist their careers after holding executive responsibilities within a department, business unit or branch. Whatever industry you come from (Service, Industry, Finance, High Tech, Media Internet Telecom, etc..), you will have the backing expertise of ten years and more, but most importantly, an acquisition of personal potential and adaptability that will direct your company towards growth. To integrate this program, it is preferable to bring to the table an idea or a project for creating a business, however, such is not mandatory as we can provide new ideas, partners or technologies through a bunch of different sources and methods.

On the agenda: three intense months with startup targeted support based on the experience of more than 200 Business founders or owners, Investors, Coaches, Thought leaders and hundreds of startups from a powerful global network. Most importantly, we offer a tandem approach towards the creation and launch of your startup, pairing you daily with the helpful guidance of successful, experienced entrepreneurs and investors with an understanding of major companies, startups and venture capital and their address books.

This cocktail is essential for those who must forget the burdens of large structures and immerse themselves in startup mode; which is synonymous with taking risks and initiatives, boldness and agility, speed, determination, and consistency. It offers everything needed to challenge oneself in a very constructive and stimulating way when you have to begin a second career by taking advantage of every opportunity.

The program consists of a learning process based on the best practices from around the world: Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Grandes Ecoles, Accelerators, and Incubators. Three intensive months offer an efficient mix while progressing through training modules, and an in depth look at the important steps that are key for creating and launching of a business (a kind of decompression chamber between large companies and startups). Included are feedback sessions about the experiences of entrepreneurs and investors (not the stars of the Internet, but entrepreneurs whose discretion is the measure of success: some have valued and sold their company at more than $500 million), coaching sessions in order to adopt the language and operating codes of startups, and mentoring sessions with experienced entrepreneurs who transform themselves for three months into virtual partners in order to launch your business and set up active fundraising.

From the validation of your idea to the development of a coherent and robust business model, and its transformation into a commercialized business plan for high demand markets, everything is implemented to minimize the inherent risks of starting your business, and to put the odds on your side.

Transparency and global visibility

Supporting an entrepreneur and meeting his or her needs during the developmental stage, is first and foremost about seamlessly respecting a few key principles: personal and collective commitment, listening, sharing experiences and trust. For us, these principles are not just words. Sharing experiences with members of the advisory board of excellence brings together entrepreneurs and investors from a global network. These members are leading figures from Academics, Science, Research Directors from the French CNRS, Professors from the world famous College de France, Members of the Academy of Sciences, and Managers in the business world (Finance, Banking, International Trade). The relationships, built on trust, lead to a powerful open global network of entrepreneurs and investors who have the ambition to create powerful international companies.

A code of conduct seals the common values, objectives and methods shared by all actors within the Executive Business Accelerator: participants, entrepreneurs, investors, service providers, coaches and mentors.

What to expect: Pragmatism, Responsiveness, Availability, and Results. We set a simple and robust objective: to assist you in creating and launching your business. We give you the psychological and technical preparation needed throughout the different stages of creating your startup. We provide the viral energy to succeed. We oversee the big picture of your creative project. We provide advice, expertise, know-how and skills and open up a global network in compliance with our ethical values ​​(courtesy, transparency, reciprocity, confidentiality). We adhere to complete confidentiality regarding projects, methods, information and documents transmitted, shared and communicated within the Executive Business Accelerator. More generally, we contribute to the creation of sustainable jobs supported by globally-oriented enterprises and creating economic, social and human value.

When we talk about transparency, we are also referring to the program’s funding. Executive Business Accelerator (http://executivebusinessaccelerator.com) is not a seed fund or an investment vehicle. Its financing is based solely on pedagogical costs. There are no application fees. There are no rental fees or any additional fees for sharing space or advice, which are both provided. Executive Business Accelerator does not take any equity participation from the startups it accompanies, nor any future deferred revenue compensation (% of revenue coming royalties or shares).  EBA offers transparency that has the immense merit of being able to favor the absence of capital dilution during a company’s launch process.

But beware; the main goal is to actively put into place a company’s fundraising mechanism. To do so, Executive Business Accelerator provides three catalysts: bi-monthly participation in investment sessions within prestigious global investment circles, “trial runs” before pitching to investors with the Executive Business Accelerator’s network, and most importantly, access to its “Global Business & Financial network Visibility Platform” for startups and growing companies. This powerful mechanical tool based on a logic of short channels for visibility and fundraising implementation is integrated in the Executive Business Accelerator’s purpose.

This is important to consider when we know that 85% of accompanied companies still exist 5 years after their creation, and that, unfortunately, 65.5% of unaccompanied companies disappear within the same period.

Gilles Bouchard
Maurice Gopikian
Cofounders Executive Business Accelerator

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