The Executive Business Accelerator Embarks in Europe (5)

Created at the initiative of entrepreneur-investors from Harvard Business School and France’s Grandes Ecoles, The Executive Business Accelerator launches in Paris (just 200 meters from La Bourse, within an ecosystem of more than 500 startups and investors).

Our goal

 Reconvert and accompany executives wanting to:

  • Become entrepreneurs and start their own business
  • Integrate or co-found a startup in a post operational or functional position
  • Secure acquisitions or spin-off startups within their group
  • Consolidate or re-articulate their company’s business model
  • Develop their business

Our mission

  • To assist leaders in immersing themselves in an active culture of entrepreneurship and placing their startup into an active development or fundraising phase
  • To provide them with the energy vital for entrepreneurship, a dynamic, tailored environment, as well as targeted support from more than 200 entrepreneur-investors and hundreds of startups from our global network
  • To generate startups at both a national and international level
  • To stop the waste of high level executives and capabilities plateaued or pushed to leave their organizations in the classical up or out model, and transform them into future leaders of tomorrow leading companies, crating both wealth and jobs for thousands

Relying on an Advisory Board and many advisory councils of Excellence, The Executive Business Accelerator is calibrated to accompany groups of 10 to 20 entrepreneurs during 4 annual sessions built around a 3-month program of intensive day to day mentoring and collaboration.

April-June 2013 session

  • Tandem support for the creation and launching of your startup
  • Access to our global network of entrepreneurs and investors
  • Active fundraising phasing
  • Access to our Global Business Network & Financial Visibility Platform for startups and    growing companies /
  • Integration within an existing team from our ecosystem for those who want to join or co-found a startup in a post operational or functional position

Admission by application and Selection Committee in Paris:

Executive Business Accelerator                                                         
30, rue des Jeüneurs
75002 Paris


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