Visionarity – HTC Challenge

Visionarity has created KELVIN. The first awareness program that combines sensors, software and social technologies to engage employees on the habit of turning off devices when they are not in use. KELVIN introduces a game where employees compete against each other to reduce their electricity in return for a reward. Companies already using KELVIN includes Google, Roche, Dufry and CKW (AXPO). By introducing gamification dynamics we have already managed to reduce over 50% the electricity consumed by employees. KELVIN gathers consumption patterns from various sources to provide insightful information to understand where electricity is being wasted and how to optimize its consumption. Visionarity AG, founded in June 2012, is a Swiss green-tech company aimed at promoting sustainable development.

Co-founded and organized with Xavier Duportet (MIT – INRIA Constraint Groups), Hello Tomorrow Challenge is a unique event to empower young european innovators (more than 1200 startups selected).

Executive Business Accelerator – Jury of the Hello Tomorrow Challenge, 17 – 18 April 2014.


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