XDiscovery – HTC Challenge

XDiscovery maps human knowledge. Our innovation is a discovery engine to organize and access similar relationships between entities, whose information is contained for example in databases of documents; crafted, manufactured or intellectual products such as movies, recipes, books, games, music, patents, medicines and pharmacological remedies; specific know-how in single arts and disciplines such as biological, biochemical, chemical, biomedical databases and topics characterizing human, scientific, technological studies and factual knowledge encyclopedias; industrial knowledge management databases; or any other hypermedia database containing information on product, service, and know-how reflecting human activities, creations, and creators. We provide knowledge recommendations for B2B to make sense of complex data, and design B2C mobile series based on portable discovery engines applied to specific domains.

Co-founded and organized with Xavier Duportet (MIT – INRIA Constraint Groups), Hello Tomorrow Challenge is a unique event to empower young european innovators (more than 1200 startups selected).

Executive Business Accelerator – Jury of the Hello Tomorrow Challenge, 17 – 18 April 2014.


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