Drakers confrontation, the first heightened reality tactical trading card game

DRAKERS CONFRONTATION, the First Heightened Reality Tactical Trading Card Game


Drakers Confrontation is a heightened reality card game, halfway between a collectable paper card game for trading (such as Magic) and an online video game.

The junction between these two amusing worlds that never meet is made possible by the use of heightened reality from computer vision. This allows you to view the card creatures in 3-D, directly on the computer screen equipped with a mobile webcam that films the game. The creatures, called Drakos, are a type of dragon, which then takes life. The reality becomes virtual. You can play alone or against the computer, unlike basic card games, or online with a friend, or with an unknown on the other side of the world. Each opponent has a Drako, a chimerical creature invoked from reality that fights for and with the player at the dragon duels. One must simply put the Drako’s invocation card on the table to make it appear. The Drako will then follow the map if you move it. At this point, the player must find an opponent to start a duel. The duel is played using the deck of 40 cards drawn at each turn. These cards are made up of weapons, armor, and spells, … that are used to take the upper hand in the duel. Showing the cards to the webcam animates the duel.

Drakers is positioned at the forefront of digital/real world networking and offers companies opportunities to better interact with their customers. What Drakers markets lies in two points: fluid experience and affordability. With its heightened reality vision, Drakers is able to recognize tens of thousands of different visuals in a fraction of a second. No need for a supercomputer, a dedicated arcade or a playstation, the technology works with a 2-year-old computer and standard webcam.

Drakers, supported by the National Center of Cinematography as well as the French governmental agency OSEO for its advanced research and development program, is produced by Peoleo, an experienced digital communications agency combined with an interactive production studio (80 employees, €10 million turnover and the home of a series of video hits: Dofus, Obscure, Wakfu, Banja, Ryzom, etc.).

Supported by Up4Startup.com – Global Business Network and Financial Visibility Platform (http://up4startup.info/up4startup-platform/), Peoleo went to China to present Drakers Confrontation and its heightened reality engine during the Guangzhou Convention. The goal is simple: to promote the game and find business partnership and financial support in China for the development and dissemination of its invention in China and worldwide.

Gilles Bouchard – VP Harvard Angels France


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