French fashion for young Chinese at the forefront of design

Carnet de Mode has everything necessary to seduce: an appealing combination of artistic and sensory design combined in a single catalog with exclusive collections. The website, launched by a young 27 year old, offers a delicious cocktail just wanting to discovered.

Luxury and quality at the forefront of design

Simply click on the website Carnet de Mode for a glance at the artistic marketing positioning ( Carnet de Mode is in the process of changing the industry commonplaces. By combining artistic creation, sensory design and consumer integration in a complete industrial process, from design to marketing,  it controls the value chain, being in direct contact with the market and the trends it anticipates. Carnet de Mode is above all an exceptional tool for showing the extraordinary combination of haute couture and ready-to-wear in the field of innovation. An innovation for which The Colbert Committee highlights the diversity because the luxury business lies “beyond traditional technological innovations, due to the high specificity of the sector [luxury]. It relies on the strength of its non technological innovation for which one can identify three categories: relational innovation, which is important for finding the best way to transmit knowledge or to increase exchanges of creativity; creation innovation, which includes improving products and creative influences sales; and service innovation, which may be the invention of a new use for a product which offers customers the added value of fantasy and dreams. ” A triptych that fits this startup like a glove because it has already reunited several hundred exceptional designers for their originality and produced many models radiating beauty and elegance. The founder’s goal is an estimated turnover of €10.8 million and a profit of €1 million in 2015, development opportunities that are acceptable if you know the Internet fashion market earns 600 billion Euros from online purchases with a 20% growth per year. It isn’t surprising that Carnet de Mode won the European competition for Innovative Business!

A unique business model

Carnet de Mode is the first Fashion community network in France that connects designers with their clients. Its goal: high-end fashion at affordable prices by permitting Internet enthusiasts to provide financial support to talented creators in exchange for access to their collections at unbeatable prices, offering a platform for pre-order participatory financing on a selection of upscale ready-to-wear pre-collections at the rate of one per week. As soon as one of the models reaches its pre-order quota (5 to 50 pieces), it is sent into production and the creator gets the necessary funding to launch the collection. The client receives the model of his or her choice as well as a limited edition preview cost of  40% off the retail price. The designer then collects royalties on the sales generated by the latter on the e-shop. The creator is responsible for delivering the pre-ordered items to the customers. Carnet de Mode collects a 40% commission on all sales generated. Successful items (Ready to Wear), as well as other exceptional creations (jewelry, handbags, scarves, glasses) are sold on Carnet de Mode’s e-boutique, connecting designers with customers from around the world. The creators manage their sales and orders directly with customers. Carnet de Mode collects a 50% commission on all sales generated on the e-shop and pays the rest to the creator. A clever model, which is based on two foundations: the transfer of the funding process downstream (payment after production) to a funding process upstream (conditional prepayment before production). This system is in fact nothing new since it is simply a pre-purchase warrant.

By creating a social link between consumers and fashion designers, the Internet thus provides the pre-purchase subscription with the dynamic proliferation of social networks. Ultimately a hybrid model where Carnet de Mode – an intermediary financing platform – does nothing by itself but provides a link between designers and fashion enthusiasts, men and women, from ages 15 to 35, attracted by the aesthetics and design of upscale clothing and accessories.

Gilles Bouchard – VP Harvard Angels France


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